What Is the Problem if My TV Turns Itself Off?

A messed up $1000 LCD TV can contain up to $2000 in resellable rationale sheets, control supply, and different incidental parts. Interestingly, despite the fact that the LCD board is hypothetically worth progressively, a set with working hardware (like our own) will really get a higher resale cost in light of the fact that the sheets are simpler to dispatch than an enormous LCD board.


The circumstance is actually home tv repair to separating out a vehicle. A $20,000 vehicle can contain $60,000 worth of parts whenever sold independently. That is expecting one can exchange EVERYTHING, which obviously, is never the situation.

At the point when we posted on Craigslist inquiring as to whether anybody had the equivalent broken model however with a decent LCD screen to give to the task, we got a huge amount of email (80% SPAM) offering to purchase the busted unit. In the wake of dealing with the poop, a couple of genuine offers emerged. We consulted with the willing purchasers and sold the set a couple of days after the fact for 3X what we paid for it.

This was not on the grounds that we would not like to do the DIY venture, but since it was simply excessively great of an arrival on speculation that we couldn’t allow it to pass:- ) We’ll keep our eyes out for another potential “fixer-upper.” This time, we’ll search for one with a decent screen yet awful gadgets.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you have a LCD TV that isn’t working, you don’t need to toss it into the rubbish. On the off chance that you have the persistence and are eager to place some work into finding the correct parts, you may have the option to make it work again for significantly short of what you may think.

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