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Poker Sabotage

And for what? Why are players who in other conditions behave wisely and rationally make decisions that obviously contradict their main goal – to win money? This is a difficult question, but the answer is quite simple: since at some level these poor decisions work for them.

No one repeats the same action if he does not 먹튀검증업체 something positive from him – a fee. Some hidden bonuses are sometimes much more important for such a player than just a positive result for today’s session.

For example, let’s look at one of the poker player’s most common mistakes: loose calls. Whether it is a game with a lot of starting hands, or refusing to let go of the second best hand, or pursuing a draw too long (especially if the size of the pot does not allow such a loose call) is a terrible and potentially too expensive mistake. But it is amazing how many good players, and even great players, can fall prey to this mistake.

In a pot-limit, or unlimited game, just one loose call can safely pick up your entire stack. But even in a limited game, the constant gradual loss of money due to such loose calls can soon result in a disaster for your bankroll .

So what alternative reward may be worthy of all this lost money? If in a word … action. It’s not so nice to sit and throw off hand after hand without much change. But the “itch” – the feeling that the player experiences when participating in the distribution is much more important for him than the distant payout and the status of the winner.

In fact, the player sits at the table in anticipation of two rewards: money and fun. But if he does not begin to pursue a series of successful distributions, where he will always be dealt good cards, then these two goals will soon begin to conflict with each other.

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