Questions to know if you are using your budget intelligently

The current context requires us to pay attention to our personal finances , to make intelligent expenses. It is not about saving more, but analyzing how money is going and how to manage the budget , without sacrificing too much. Those are any symptoms that it is present to organize.

Do you analyze your account and credit card summaries?

Not knowing what the money is for is one of the most tarjetas inteligentes de gastos mistakes. “Unlike when we pay in cash, we don’t feel the physical lack of the ticket, so we downplay the control of summaries,” said Sebastian Fonzo, a specialist in behavioral economics and decision making.

Do you use more than 1/3 of your income for housing (rent or a credit fee)?

What is recommended? Comply with the 3/3 rule that Fonzo mentioned to us: 1/3 for variable or current expenses, 1/3 for savings or investment, and 1/3 for housing.Salvador Di Stefano, an economic and market analyst, proposed a similar formula: “40% of your income should be enough to eat, move and cover daily expenses . Recreational expenses should not exceed 15% and the savings should be 10%. ”

Are you constantly resorting to your savings?

The “emergency fund” should serve just that. If this alarm goes off, Di Stefano advised “to look for a better job or to improve ingenuity to try to capture more resources during leisure hours.”

Do you pay for consumer products by credit card, in installments?

“You should not pay in installments the purchase of the supermarket, for example, but reserve the financing for durable goods, such as a refrigerator,” said José Miter, financial planning advisor.There are exceptions: if there is an important discount (3×2 or second unit at a reduced price), it would be convenient to pay by card if we do not have cash available, because the financing will be cheaper than what was saved with the promotion.

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