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Dentists are encouraged to use extreme caution when treating those patients using fentanyl patches and comply with the wishes of the patient’s pain specialist.

We report a case of a 42-year-old girl who committed suicide through the use of numerous Duragesic patches.

Duragesic is a transdermal system supplying continuous systemic delivery of fentanyl, a powerful opioid analgesic, used for handling moderate to severe chronic pain Buy fentanyl patches online. Serum fentanyl levels attained with the patch equivalent those of constant intravenous infusion. Toxicity and fatalities are described after intravenous, rectal, and intake of transdermal fentanyl patches, but suicide through transdermal application is seldom clarified. We report a case of a 42-year-old girl who committed suicide through Duragesic Infection

A 42-year-old lady was discovered in cardiopulmonary arrest with a suicide note. The patient presented to the emergency section in asystolic cardiac arrest and couldn’t be resuscitated. Skin examination was important for 11 Duragesic 100 μg/h spots applied to the sufferers anterior chest wall. The medical examiner ruled the reason for death as fentanyl toxicity.

Extended-release analgesics like Duragesic are valuable for anyone who have chronic pain; regrettably, other severe health problems and death have happened with unintentional exposure to Duragesic. Examples include transport of a Duragesic patch out of an adult’s body into a kid whilst hugging, casual sitting on a patch, and potential accidental exposure of a physician’s skin into the medicine from the area while the caregiver has been applying or removing the patch.

A research has proven that a patch that was used, based on size, will nevertheless comprise 0.7 to 8.4 milligrams or 28 percent to 84 percent of fentanyl. There’s a possibility of temperature-dependent gains in fentanyl discharged from the machine leading to potential signs and death.

There are increases in fentanyl patch misuse thru various procedures, such as ingestion, injection, or inhalation since contents of this patch could be extracted. Drug Enforcement Administration figures say that prescriptions have increased from 0.5 million in 1994 to 5.7 million in 2003.

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