Amid the storm at Toca da Raposa 2, Cruzeiro players took to the field on Friday afternoon, for another preparation for the classic against Atlético-MG on Sunday, at 4 pm, in Mineirão, for the 32nd. Brasileirão round.

Before the activities, Cruzeiro Fabio, who is heading for his 63rd classic, spoke of the need for victory against his rival on Sunday. For the celestial archer, the team must win again in the competition to evolve in the leaderboard.

“We are always trying to get the positive result so that we will not depend on anyone except our commitment on the field. But we are aware that these are just difficult games. We want to win again to have strength in the table score. I hope I can help and my companions excel in every way. That’s what makes you victorious in the classic, ”said the goalkeeper.

“We always needed the victory in classics. In the Brazilian Cup it was like that, if we were disqualified it would be very bad. The first game was at Mineirão and we knew we had to win. But we have to live in the present and today is a new opportunity. Classic is always difficult, regardless of position in the table, ”he added.

Fabio’s retrospective playing the classic is very favorable. There are 27 wins, against 20 losses and 15 draws. For the goalkeeper, the numbers are important, but do not say much for that commitment. Fabio spoke of the sequence of nine matches without defeat of the team in the competition, but that did not change much the situation of the club in the table due to the bad first round.

“We had several matches where the victory didn’t come and we had to put to the athletes that it was possible to get out of that situation. We come in a positive sequence, which is not so valued because of our bad situation, which is due to the bad first shift. We learn from this and get stronger for the sequence of the competition and for the coming seasons, ”he said.

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